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Lake Pflugerville Triathlon 2011

 Coming into the Finish

Well race done. Pflugerville was the windiest race I've ever done. It made the swim difficult for all the waves, we stood and watched as the lead swimmer from one of the waves went way off course, only to have to fight not to have to do the same a few minutes later.

I wasn't keen on starting near the front of the 50+ mens wave, in hindsight that was a mistake. The start was a complete bun fight and due to the lake being so rough it was hard to see anything, let alone keeping track of where you were in a wave.

I had a great T1, definitely less than a 90-seconds, as I gathered speed heading across the mount line, I decided to run into the road and then mount, much the safer option.

Off on the bike everything was going well, about a mile and half into the bike I got passed by Doug Edwards, Doug yelled somethings like "lets get this on" and as much as I tried I couldn't catch him. The wind was really tough in places, the wheels were rolling great, but I couldn't imagine what it was like for those with a disc wheel. Towards the end of the bike, I was hammering down the SH45 frontage road, at one point my speedo said 40MPH on a slight downhill with the wind to my back and it felt great. As I started to brake and as I started the right turn, I realized I was getting serious blown toward the concrete meridian.

I kept pushing towards the end, but as I approached T2, there was no sign of Doug. I executed T2 almost perfectly, dismount went great, bike rack was empty, on with the shoes, hat, grab the number belt and run. As I excited T2 I saw lynnivere  who shouted that there were 4-ahead of me, I decided Doug was one and so that mean there were 3-faster. The wind on the run at places almost meant I came to a standstill. As I pushed through the first mile, and I heard, "you must have had me in your sites" and Doug passed me. In fact, I must have flown past him in T2. I pushed on but struggled, I wasn't flying. I got passed by 3-others from my age group on the run, so I figured I was just about in the top-10. Finishing it up was tough [Thanks to Eric Harmatuk for the picture] I finished strong.

Turns out I was 6th of 22 in my age group. Which counting back meant I was actually 2nd when I went out on the run. It wouldn't have made any difference if I'd know that, for my first race, I was done.  The timing company, allsports timing, apparently lost all the splits, and since I forgot the Garmin 305, I have no other data. According to the results, I was 6th out of 22 in the 50-54 age group; I was 75th overall and my final time for the 500 meter swim, 14 mile bike, 3 mile run was 1:21:11

Next-up: Pure Austin/High Five events Splash and Dash
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