A London Weekend

This week I got one of those facebook application requests from a friend, it said something to the effect, of whats your perfect weekend?

That reminded me that I'd never done anything with the clip of the BBC Radio London, Robert Elms Saturday show that Alan Champ pulled together for me. It was really good fun recording it, and you can almost hear me giggling my way through the questions. Elmsy is a cyclist these days, and just the week before had his Roberts road bike nicked. I'm pretty sure I met Elmsy a few times back in the late Seventies when working for Tony Clifford at Hearsay Records and on Wembley market, and I've been on the show a couple of times over what must be 20-years now he's been doing it.

Jen Walker would be proud of me, while the segment is about London, I got almost as many plugs in for Austin, especially one for the Jack and Adams Sunday shop ride and more.
Mark C on Robert Elms - Sat 28th May 2011 by Cathcam

Since then, I went to Rhodes 24 up the NatWest Tower, with me Mum, Dad and Lauren, sadly its on the wrong side to see the sunset. Anyway, for record(no pun intended), enjoy!
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