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Colin's Hope - Got 2 Swim - me too!

 So, no long distance races for me this year, my early season training hasn't gone well follow my bike crashes, but to be honest, it wasn't really going well before. Back in late November 2010 I talked to a few people who'd done the 4-Mile Got 2 Swim Charity event, after hearing they were going to include a 8-mile option for 2011. Now thats a challenge I thought.

Turns out that to do the 8-mile swim, you've got to first complete a 4-mile Got 2 Swim. I was miffed but figured 4-miles is a good place to start. SO I signed up, went to a swim out at Lake Travis on News Year day and then started a litany of shoulder problems which ended with a separated right AC Joint and a anterior dislocation of the SC joint. Net result, another 10-weeks no swimming.

My sponsorship page for Got2SwimGiven the 4-mile swim is September 2nd, that effectively gave me 12-weeks to go from zero to hero in swimming. I started slowly but have already hit 2-miles. My swim speed is way off what it was when I did Ironman Arizona in 2009, I'm almost 30-minutes slower, but I'm focusing on endurance, stroke efficiency and remaining injury free, rather than thrashing it out as fast as I can. At this point I'm glad I couldn't sign-up for the 8-mile swim :-)

Apart from all the other swimmers, I also had to have a water guardian for the swim. I turned to Adri Kruger who immediately agreed. She, along with me has to attend water safety classes, but by coincidence is doing Ironman Arizona this year. So, Adri has also been a great help in getting me focussed and turning out for early morning swims at Pure Austin Quarry.

Got 2 Swim is a fabulous event to raise much needed funding for local swim and water safety programs provided under the auspices of Colin's Hope. Colin's Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that creates and supports programs that aid in preventing children from drowning. Despite numerous sources for water safety, the number of children who drown per year is staggering. Colin's Hope of saving children from drowning is being achieved through increased water safety awareness and improved standards throughout the community.

I've seeded my donation page by contributing $650 US Dollars which is about the cost of entry alone to an Ironman race. Here is where you come in. I very rarely ask for sponsorship support. I can't remember the last, if ever for an athletic event. I'll match every $ donated, Dollar for Dollar, up to a matching $2,000 US Dollars. If you contribute $2,000 I'll donate another $1350, making a total of $4,000.  If you donate $3,000, I'll match with another $1,000.

So, no matter how little you can afford to contribute, I'll double it. Please contribute as much as you can, I'll be doing the training, I'll do the swim, and I'm also going to be organizing the swim part of the Colins Hope Kids Triathlon in August.

My Got2Swim donation page
The Got2Swim team page
About Colin
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