Late change in Womens Olympic triathlon line-up

Yes really, but nothing to do with Jody Swallow or that is likely to make a difference to the result...

According to an Associated Press(AP) report the ITU have informed Portuguese athlete Maria Areosa[Picture left] that she isn't entitled to a spot on the start line after all, instead Lucia Zelenkova of the Czech Republic gets the slot.

Suffice to say the Portugese are not best pleased. AP suggest that poor old Maria Areosa was excluded from the ITU Worlds following a similar miscalculation. However, since she appears in the results here, its not clear if she was allowed to compete anyway in the Worlds or AP got it wrong.

The full Olympics Womens start list can be seen here

Now where did I leave my ITU points calculator ?

26/9/04 Update
Well as predicted it didn't make any difference to the results. Zelenkova DNF'd in the Womens race, but the Southern European women did very well, Nadia Cortassa from Italy finished 5th, Ana Burgos of Spain, and Vanessa Fernandes from Portugal put in solid runs to finish 7th and 8th respectively. While there is already much praise for GB Michelle Dillons storming 35-minute 3rd discipline, you can't overlook the performances of the Southern European women who no one would have even heard of before the race. How would poor old Maria Areosa have done ?
Well you think that's a late decision check this out - Julie Dibens has been seen limping around the holding camp in Cyprus barely able to walk. Julie has supposedly had several injections in her foot and has been unable to run for days.

Last day to substitute anyone is apparently Sunday. Just how many more things can go wrong with our team?