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Amongst the useless information I've received from this year, came two pieces of totally hopeless, context-less advice which was ultimately either given because they failed rule #1 of good publishing, if you don't have anything to say, don't say anything or otherwise were just pushing articles for some advertiser or sponsor.

The first piece of useless information I got was  in the June 15th newsletter, where they called it Pacing strategies for short tri's. In essence their advice is race at 100%, or at least 95% for the whole race. No shit. Really, what was I supposed to do, pace myself?

Then there was the June 8th Newsletter, where they discussed aero helmets or aero wheels. Unsurprisingly coming down on the side of aero helmets. After all, aero wheels are last years news, and for most athletes mostly too expensive for a good set, or they already have them. Aero helmets though have yet to really break in age group racing, so why not an unashamed plug?

Well mostly because out of context, aero helmets, or egg boilers are completely useless for the averge age group athlete.

In context, if you spend 100% of your race, in the aero position on the bike they could save you up to a minute in an Ironman race. However, since most age group athletes sit up for probably at least say, 1/4 of that race, they save you effectively nothing. Aero race wheels are still aero race wheels, even when you are sitting up.

I'm sure there were countless others, but to be honest, I couldn't be bothered to read...
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