I call BS on Buffet...

I normally wouldn't venture into government, finances and tax on Livejournal, thats alkaloids  job.

Lots of my friends on facebook, people that I like and respect, have fallen into the same trap, reading something they want to believe and agreeing with it. It's something we see every day now we are bombarded with information. It happens at work, people are told something, the believe it's true and they go off to fix the problem the way it's described. Very few people these days have time for the critical thinking needed to see what the real problem is. 

Cue famous Kennedy saying, by Ted Kennedy in the eulogy to his fallen brother, Robert. I can remember to this day sitting and watching the funeral on the BBC, being speechless, feeling scared for the future, but inspired as Ted Kennedy said "Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say why not?"

Buffet today is blaming, in a New York Times op-ed, the American Congress for problems with the tax code, blaming the President and Congress for failing to implement the required rules and laws to force all these private billionaires to pay enough tax. My facebook friends have been sharing their support for Buffet for taking this stand.

I call BS. Buffet and the other US Billionaires, probably 400+ of them, don't need Congress to changes the rules, they need to take the moral high ground and quit playing easily manipulated politicians. All these billionaires could do the right thing and move ALL their investments, staff and off-book companies back to the US and just pay the tax due, instead of using off book assests, and any other legal loopholes to get out of their responsibility, they are all spineless, greed hogs who lack the moral courage to do what is right by the country that made them rich. They can take the moral high ground and solve this problem by instructing their accountants and business leaders to do the right thing, not the most tax efficient thing... I know someone who should stop arguing with Travis County and pay the taxes due on his palatial home...

Blaming Congress for setting the wrong laws, after you paid lobbyists hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the laws is like telling your builders to build the public housing using the cheapest nails, wood and materials that the law will allow, then blaming the Congress when the houses start to come apart after a few years. You and the builders knew the houses were not sustainable but hey, thats what Congress mandated and it was cheaper allowing you to keep the extra money!

Stand up and be counted Warren, don't wait to be told and don't hide behind Congress and your well known Philanthropy. All you are doing is passing the buck, all it says to me is YOU DON"T CARE!
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