Colin's Hope swim is on

My water angel for the swim, aka Adri, posted this blog entry and a write-up on her Stroke and Stride blog. I thought I'd just say thanks ALL the people that have already donated to my efforts, especially those annonymous doners. I'd just like to point out that I do see your name on the email receipt I'm sent, your name doesn't appear on the website and I'll not reveal it. Thank you.

Here is a picture Adri took on Saturday last big practice swim, I'm going to swim at least once if not two more times before the big day(Friday 9/2) but only short easy swims.

My shoulder is holding up, both arms hurt equally at the end of my big training swims, which I guess is good news. Last Saturday I had some serious problems with cramps, I guess a result of a few things, not taking the swim seriously and hydrating properly the day before; second not hydrating in the drive over to the swim start, hmm coffee... and finally, freezing my bottle with carbs plus gatorade the night before and giving it to Adri, who put it in a cooler bag. Result, at the turn around it was still frozen. D'oh.

Anyway, the swim starts at 8:45 under the 360 Pennybaker bridge, and we should start rolling into the dock at Ables/Hula Hut at around 11:30. I for one will be trying to come in less than 2hrs 15-mins for the 4-miles. Ever the optimist, or as I know myself, the master of over expectation. If you are in the Austin area, come along and cheer us off between 8:30-8:45a.m., or cheer us in at Ables on the lake but be there by 11a.m., I might just surprise myself!