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Colins Hope swim

For the record, the swim, went, err, swimmingly.

We managed to work out the logistics perfectly, with Swim Guardian Adri's man Spencer coming out to the start with us, and Ella and Oli coming down to the finish in Tenille Hooglands car... John Chung and Laura Smith came along to wave me off,  all I had to do was the swim in the middle. The crew were all there at the 360 Pennybacker bridge, all that was except the 8-mile swimmers who'd started 2-hours earlier and for whom we were waiting to pass the 4-mile start before we could get going.

We started right around 9 a.m. and I decided to try to keep myself back instead of heading off as fast as I could. This seemed to work out pretty well until about 200yds when I started to catch people, I pushed on an passed about 10-folks as best as I could see, and then really settled into my stroke. My plan was to swim for an IM swim time, 75-mins, then take a drink and then shoot for every 30-mins. I'd made up two bottles with 50% gatorade, 50% water and 3x scoops of Carbo pro. Unlike the prior weeks practice swim I didn't freeze them, but Adri bought her cooler bag!

Around 55-min I became aware of another kayaka to my right, it was one of the water safety/rescue team, after a couple of mins Adri pulled in front with the other kayaka in front to the right, they wanted to know if I wanted to drink, I growled back please don't stop me... and off I went. I guessI should have told Adri my plan, but since we'd not done that in practice it seemed fine to me. We laughed at 75-mins when I said no-one stops you during an Ironman swim and tells you to drink.

I started to tire towards the 3.5-mile mark, the high shoulder turnover was taking it's toll, but my first swim coach, Carol Trower, would be pleased. As the dam on Lake Austin came into view I was mightily releaved, it wasn't really clear what the process was for crossing the lake, but a police boat came into view after a few hundred yards, as I approached it, I could hear something being said, and we were directed across the lake, last hard swim and I was done. Getting out I felt a little light headed and was delighted to see Ella and Oli, as well as John Chung who took this great pciture as I crossed the lake. 

Since it wasn't a race there were no times taken. There were a bunch of people in before me, looking at my watch I was about 2:28 out of the water for the 4.2 miles. Pretty reasonable.

More importantly, the swim raised a fantastic $56,959.53 for Colins Hope. I was able top push the amount over $55,000 with my matching donation of $451.74, bringing my sponsorship total to $1,553.48. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED.

Next up, Rotary of San Marcos Aquarena Springs Sprint Tri on Sept. 24th; then Kerrville Sprint Tri on Oct. 1st and finally for this year, the Texas Oilman Half on November 6th. I have much to do before then and will probably fit in a few run races to work on my speed.
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