Live Strong - doing my part!

I've decided on one more challenge for 2004. Despite having never cycled more than 86-miles continuously, and that was during my 2003 Half-Ironman training, I've signed up to do the 100 mile ride with the Lance Armstrong Foundation Peleton Project in October in Austin Texas.
While I'm doing the ride for myself, it should be a fun day out and will be a great experience, it would be dumb not to make an effort to raise funds for this project, which like Lance Armstrong himself, is innovative, unique and already been hugely successful.

[27th September update]It turns out my Auntie Winifred(Tomlinson), my Dads older sister has inoperable cancer with three tumours. I went to see her on Saturday(25th) and she was doing well but the future doesn't look good. I will be riding in her honour now.

If you would like to contribute/donate on my behalf, your entire donation will go directly to the fund and will NOT contribute to my entry fee, participation or travel.

In addition, I have ordered a number of LAF Wear Yellow wristbands and will send one free to everyone that contributes at least $12 US Dollars. Sure, they only cost a Dollar each and you can order them in boxes of ten and pay the shipping yourself, but by sponsoring me, you will be contributing directly to the fund and I will have to contribute an extra Dollar for each sponsor, and I'll be saving you the postage. Unfortunately even I can't extend this offer to anonymous donors!

Bad news is the wristbands are currently back-ordered owing to the programme success, so it may be a little time before I can ship you your band.[Wristband order status]

If you want me to send you a wristband you can either e-mail me offline, or leave your e-mail address in the comments field on the online sponsorship form or post a private comment using this link.

To sponsor/donate in my name please use this link.

There are still places available on the ride itself, why not consider joining ? To do the 100-miles you’ll need to pay a minimum of $100 US Dollars, like I did, or raise at least this amount in sponsorship.Ride weekend details.

[January 2005 update]Sadly my Aunt died from her cancers earlier this month. I will ride again in 2005 and this time definately finish in her memory.
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Live Strong - doing my part!

I'm interested in how long you're likely to take for a hundred.

I marshalled the RTTC Westerley 100 on the A31 this summer, the fastest was about 4:30:00, the slowest 6:30:00 which was quite a spread for the 17 riders who entered (yes, there were more marshalls than riders).

Re: Live Strong - doing my part!
Dougie, I've filed in my application to do it between 6-7-hours. Honestly though I have no idea. I'd guess on my 82-mile run a couple of Sundays ago I should get in in under 6-hours, but if there are thousands at the start I will probably be very slow over the first five miles or so.

I'm aiming to average about 17.5 MPH which should give me a time of about 5-hours 45-mins.