Colins Hope pictures by Lauren Lesley Photography

A couple more Colins Hope pictures came up after official photographer Lauren got her pictures posted. More remarkable not only did Lauren cover the 8-mile and 4-mile swims, jet around on a jet-ski thingy, get in the water to take the finisher shots, she actually did the swim the weekend before, and then the following week got evacuated from her house at the Steiner Ranch subdivision in the Texas wildfires of 2011. What a rockstar.

This picture was taken by Oli and you can see me, Lauren taking pictures, and my water gaurdian, Adri.

Here is one picture by Lauren, you can click through to a bigger version.

and this one is my favorite of all the swim pictures, after 4-miles, I still cut a pretty low profile in the water.

Laurens whole set is here and Laurens web site, here.

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