Pure Austin Splash and Dash 2011

Since arriving in Austin I've done quite a few of these races. They are a fun, eye balls out, 750m'ish swim, and 3km'ish run up at the Quarry behind Pure Austin North. This year though, things didn't go well and I only managed two of the series this year. In previous years I usually raced at least four of the races. My prior best time was 29:32 from April 2008, with a 16:24 run.

My first 2011 race was June, and I finished in a disappointing 34:17, with a swim and transition of 16:33, and run laps of 5:39, 6:00 and 6:04. The last race of the 2011 series was Tuesday 20th, so figured it was time and suited up. The swim went pretty well, when describing the race to people, I tell them that if you want to practise and Ironman swim start, this is the place. There are always 100+ people and split into only two waves, men and women. Given it's a narrow start area, and a long swim to the first turn, it's pretty much like an IM start.

I stumbled around finding my shoes, I'd left them so close to the water, I'd run past them. Out on the run, just in front of me was effendi and although I passed him on the first lap, he went re-passed and I never saw him again. Nice job Jay.

I ended up 59th out of 111, with a 14:55 swim and transition, and ran 5:39, 5:59, 5:56, so pretty consistent on the run with my June race, the improvements pretty much coming in the swim.

Next up: San Marcos Round Table Sprint Triathlon.
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Good to see you
both before, during and after the race. It was fun times! Hope to see you there for more head to head fun in 2012 :D