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Kerrville Triathlon Festival

Kerrville logoOctober 1-2. Kerrville, TX

The Kerrville Triathlon Festival came just one week after my Aquarena Springs Sprint triathlon, after a visit to Advanced Rehab and Dr Z my glute problems were a thing of the past and with my back stretched out, I was tempted to go for a slot at the Olympic or half Ironman distance triathlons, but had already committed to High Five events to coordinate the buses, and I wasn't ready for a half, so sprint was on.

I drove down the afternoon before with Laura, we were staying some 8-miles out of town at a couple of rental houses with the Tempo Multisport crew aka the girls! We just made packet pickup, I was sure I'd already registered, but apparently not so I did it at packet pickup. We went over to T1 put our bikes out, drove into town and deposited on run stuff and then set off to find the houses.

I was up at 4am and off to the race to do the bus loading by 4:15. Buses were quiet, a few busy ones and I caught a bus just before 7am. One of the last in T1 I just had to mount my shoes on pedals, put my sun  glasses on my helmet and drop off my dry clothes bag. To be honest it was fairly cool by Texas standards prior to the race. I surveyed the swim course, pretty straight forward out at an angle from the start, left turn, along two bouys to a 3rd turn bouy and back in at an angle. Sighting coming back in would be a problem, and given my late arrival I didn't get a chance to get in and work things out.

Which reminds me of a top tip for swim warm ups, don't get in where you are starting and swim around. If at all possible, get in where you will get out, swim out a bit and have a good luck for aides for sighting, then swim back in and work out what you'll do. Shame I never got a chance.

Only four waves, under 40 men, over 40 men, then the same for women. We watched the U40 Men go, then right on time, 3-mins behind, off we went including Todd Gerlach, who had to be the favorite for the mens race. I swam well, looked up, made turns when I had to, didn't go off course, and didn't get bumped much. Coming to the end of the swim the number of competitors ahead was minimal, so I was guessing I got dropped by maybe a couple of bigger groups.

Swim: 10:37, 3rd in Age group, 25th overall.

The run to transition wasn't far, but included a short sharp hill. As always I set off with a purpose of being fast, and was out on the bike course with no problems, no delays and no wetsuit to strip.

T1: 1:15, 1st in Age group, 2nd overall

Out of the bike I have to say I really enjoyed the course, it was mostly flat out of downtown Kerrville until the small incline to cross the bridge. I arrived at the bridge going to fast and never made the turn within the cones, I felt though pretty good and kept pushing across the bridge and at the turn at the end. I passed about 20 guys from the U40 wave, which I felt most have put me pretty close to the front. Going up the slight incline, aka "hill" at the back of the course was pretty straight forward. The turn at the top was the start of a long fast downhill.

This graph of my Garmin 310xt data from the entire race shows the mile up hill at mile-8 as 18MPH average, at mile-14 is the second lap, since it the 2nd lap onbly included the part through downtown and out to the bridge, not the whole loop from T1. What was interesting was that while just heading towards the hill on the 2nd lap, I got overtaken by Todd Gerlach and another guy.

I couldn't understand how this could happen. Surely they'd beaten me out of the water, I'd assumed they were ahead of me on lap-1, and unless they were doing a 3rd lap... Mystery was solved after the race when I found out that they did 1-lap on the bike, came in put on run shoes and left only to be sent back out on the bike course to do their 2nd lap.

Bike: 15-miles, 39:44, 22.7MPH, 2nd in Age group, 13th overall.

Arriving into T2 was a great site, it was nearly empty, I'd overtaken almost all of the U40 wave except for Todd plus the other guy, and maybe 6-more people. I wobbled a bit putting my run shoes on and to take a second shot at it but was soon out on the run.

T2: 1:11, 2nd in Age group, 11th Overall

It was super exciting heading down the back part of Water St. being able to see pretty much the top-10 stretched out in front of me. I pushed as hard as I could, and tried to stay steady, mile-16 in this chart includes the run  into and out of transition, I was clearly going about as fast as I could comfortably maintain with a 5k PR of 24:08.

Just before the bridge I got passed by Andrea Fisher. Andrea had been a pro triathlete until 2010 and was on her come back after having a baby! Andrea passed me like I was standing still, as we dropped down onto the trail section of the run I was definitely feeling uncomfortable. I passed Tammy who was cheering us on and headed into the woods.

Just at the turnaround on the far point of the course I saw a guy in a grey one-piece tri-suit, as he went the other way and I glanced back, yup, in my age group. I tried to pick it up but out on the trail it wasn't going to happen and just before the 2-mile sign, David Harris of Elgin, TX, passed me. Interestingly, David beat me by 14-seconds on the swim, 16-seconds on the bike, and so I was out in front of him after 17.5-miles, purely on transition speed. I beat him by 45-seconds and 8-seconds. I had nothing much left, I was passed by 2nd place woman and friend Carla Uribe, and on the run into the finish a few men from the U40 wave, also by Allan Gallant Houston, TEXAS from the 45-49 wave and just before the finish the 3rd place woman. 

In the end, David beat me by 1:48. My time for for the run was slower than the prior week at Aquarena springs, without the big hill.

Run: 5k, 28:02, 3rd in Age group, 65th overall.

I have to say with the few technical parts of the bike course in downtown, not withstanding the cold before the swim and the offraod section of the run, and the fact I'd spent 3-hours loading people onto buses before I raced, Kerrville Sprint was a great race. The bike course was challenging and fast.

Next day I was up early again for the buses to get competitors to the start for the Olympic and Half distance races. I made it out to the start before people started coming out of T1 and got some great how not to pictures. I'm totally amazed that people spend thousands and thousands of dollars on equipment and though ANY advantage they get from it on  shabby, slow and sometimes dangerous transitions. I definitely need to get this written up properly next year before race season starts.

I did the half run course, abridged, running around the course picking up trash, helping John Chung refill water butts, etc. Then managed to track down both the Tempo Multisport and Moxie Multisport people to cheer on other competitors.

I raced in the new Tempo Multisport kit for the first time. It's made by Sugoi, the design is great, Tammy took onboard my request for longer legged shorts, and also the use of black at the front and back. It's a little tight for me, but quality material and retained its shape well. Although I'm only really an adjunct member of Tempo Multisport, and would wear my Jack and Adams kit for racing, the Champsys kit really doesn't hold up in comparison. I plan on racing Tempo at Conroe for the Texas Oilman.

Swim: 10:37, 3rd in Age group, 25th overall.
T1: 1:15, 1st in Age group, 2nd overall
Bike: 15-miles, 39:44, 22.7MPH, 2nd in Age group, 13th overall
T2: 1:11, 2nd in Age group, 11th Overall
Run: 5k, 28:02, 3rd in Age group, 65th overall.
Overall: 1:20:51, 2nd Age group, 12th Male, 15th overall

Next up: Racing will be the Texas Oilman half iron distance;    
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