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There's a book in that...

lynnivere has mentioned a few times in person and on facebook that she'd like one day to write a book. I've done computer stuff in the past, a chapter author for various REXX and VM/370 books, but never had aspirations beyond that. Today also mark's the start of my training for Challenge Roth, an Ironman distance race in Roth, Germany. I have effectively 6-month of training ahead of me, and a 1-month taper. The final coincidence for today was that the Roth organizers also released their remaining reserve and chairty slots online, and they were gone in 8-minutes. I got my slot in the original sign-up back in July when it first opened.

And so it was I showed up at the Pure Austin North(Quarry) this morning, it was just above freezing, and there was steam rising from the water above the outdoor pool. So, here it is, I'll edit this as I go along, but here are some chapter titles for my book on training for, and racing at Challenge Roth, the original Ironman Europe.

Working title: Steam on the water
Chapter title: Clueless, strange things men do in the changing room's at gyms's
Chapter title: Really, that's the best you can do? 

I'll be editing and adding material as I go. Also, a big deal for this triathlon, I'm taking on a personal coach to set training and help me focus. More on that at a later date.
Tags: book, challenge roth, ironman, training`, triathlon
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