Moxie Takes on India

Moxie kit with the king of parking at the Leela Palace hotel, BangaloreI'll get my Corpus Christi/Republic of Texas Tri write-up done, suffice to say with the cancellation of the swim, it was never going to be a qualifier.

In the interim, I'm in India, actually Bangalore, which means training consists entirely underground which is pretty depressing. Add on top of that I picked up a stomach bug on the flight over, and this week is going to be tough to keep to schedule, but the Corpus race, despite a massive deviation from coaches plan, showed me how far short I am.

Yesterday I had a 45-minute treadmill session, which was done zone2/3, so fairly straight forward; today was a mixed session 75-minutes on a gym bike that included hill climbs, ie, greater resistance, and sprinting, which meant all out at lower resistance. The only saving grace was for the steady parts I could fold my arms and watch Tottenham lose to QPR in the Premiere League.

Prior to "going down" though, I popped out the front an had my picture taken with the King of India in my shiny new Moxie Multisport cycling gear. I' m not a fan of dark colored cycling gear, so its appropriate I was heading down to where the sun doesn't shine.