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Dreaming big, failing badly

I was never a big dreamer, preferring instead to plan the next thing and work towards a long term objective. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. But this year was different, I had a big dream, it went like this.

I head to Germany for Challenge Roth, the original Ironman Europe; the following week head to IM Switzerland to watch Ronnie Schilderknicht race for a record 6x Ironman win; then I'd head over to Northern France to my Sisters house, catch a couple of days of the Tour de France, meet up with Laura and Shane on their cycling holiday; then I'd head over to Northern Spain and race for Team GB in the ITU World Long Course championships; then back to the UK, watch both the Mens and Womens Olympic Triathlons, and in between, race the Trowbridge Sprint Triathlon where my Mum lives, perfect. To top it all off, the European Triathlon Union (ETU) announced that Challenge Roth would be the European long distance championships, how good is that, 2x Team GB competitor in a single summer.

The wheels started coming off the bus at Corpus Christie. With the cancellation of the swim and a shortened bike course, it meant that my time wouldn't qualify me for Team GB; Then I had a DNF at the Shiner GASP century, the first time in 5x years. After that I talked to coach about the psychology of my training program, and after much discussion we agreed to part company as I pretty didn't feel I had the confidence to complete Roth, let alone in a new PR time.

And so it was I went to the Armadillo Classic century ride, 105 miles up at Liberty Hill, I didn't have to ride to a certain HR, a certain power output, just for fun and for the first 40 or so miles it was. From mile 38, I pulled a group of some 7 or 8 riders through about 4-miles, at a decent HR and cadence, we made a turn, there was a sign that said rest stop 1-mile, I looked back and we'd dropped one of the riders I was with, so I dropped off the front and went back for her.

We road up the hill, me doing the pull, checking back to see if she was behind, I looked back once and when I turned around, my front wheel dropped off a 2-inch drop of pavement onto a driveway, I tried to bunny hop back on but ended up going over the handlebars and coming down hard on my right shoulder. I picked myself up, looked at the bike, both tires were punctured, so we set about replacing the tubes, wen I went to pull on the lever, I had no power. I put my left hand on my right shoulder and pushed my right arm in the air, I felt my collarbone loose. Game over.

Later I drove myself to E/R, X-ray confirmed it was snapped in half but a non-urgent; I saw a couple of specialists this week, no surgery but a 8-10 week recovery. This means no Roth, no Roth means no Switzerland, no France, No Spain and so it was yesterday I booked my flights to the UK, at least I'm getting to see the Olympic triathlons,and a couple of other events my sister has already got tickets for. Finally, I've entered the Wiltshire Times Trowbridge (sprint) Triathlon and hope my shoulder will be well enough for me to do the 400m pool swim.

No more big dreams.
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