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West coast Ironman

So, Andrew Messick, CEO at the World Triathlon Corporation talked about a full Ironman west of the Rockies, and remarked that Ironman Arizona was the closest full to California and nearly a 3rd of participants were from Californa. I talked at dinner yesterday to Bekah about the possibility of doing Ironman Cozumel in November, and mused about driving. She pointed out that Cozumel was almost the entire length of Mexico from Austin, and that driving might not be the safest way to get there; she also mentioned the problems that one of her friends had had last year shipping their bike with Tri Bike Transport to IM Cozumel.

So it was with some interest I woke up this morning to the announcement of Ironman Los Cabos. It's a full distance race, starting March 2013. The full announcement is here on the WTC website. However, the real scoop is in the comments on the facebook page for the announcement, classic. I've copied some of them below, but the most fun showed up when searching for ironman Los Cabos +facebook, it was from slowtwitch and said "Due to our budget woes it's more likely California will be sold to Mexico by then".

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