Travel Sponsor again

When mojojoey went back to real life, my star by proxy world sorta disappeared, I was at least publically no longer the travel sponsor. Except I was, I've been using my airline miles for the last 5-years to move various triathletes around the world, from time to time I even pay. I said to Tenille the other evening, "It's my job to make dreams come true, it's yours to live it."

I'm sure theres a name for this, I prefer to call it being a friend. This week has been a total rollercoaster after last Saturdays crash. My arm is actually less painful than it was this time last year with a less serious injury. I've decided to keep livejournal for my triathlon blogging, some almost without exception, all my LJ Friends are triathletes and I've met almost all of you. I know there are a few people who just read, and for you, you can read the other part of my rollercoaster journey over on - for reference, after essentially 8-years, I finally have my green card aka US Permanent Residence. I'm planning on doing more in Triathlon Sports Management from my Sports Management company ATXD Multisport and to re-start Austin Traithletes, which I now own. More news on these to follow.
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If you want any help doing any web anything, I'm becoming somewhat ofa ninja and would be happy to help...
Thanks Justin, I almost certainly will with Austin Triathletes, it will take more than WordPress, I also have to get the holding company directors sorted out, so far I have Cassidy and she's likely to be leaving town this year, and the attorney that help me buy the business... We should talk sometime.

Hope to see you in person sometime soon...
Yes, let's plan something soon. I've been kicking myself for not seeing you in person recently. Plus you need to meet Valentina... We take long walks frequently and could arrange one to head your direction soon..