I'm back [again]

I saw Dr Seade on Thursday June 14th and he gave me the all clear to start training again, so I'm back.

So far it's been a total slog. This is the longest I've ever had off total training. Sure over the winter I can often go 4-weeks without doing all three sports in a single week, but I do get at least a couple sessions of running, swimming, cycling in over that period. Last year when I bust up my shoulder I had 4-weeks off, but could run after 3.

So a quick review of the potential race plan and here is what I think I'm going to do:

Aug. 5th - Trowbridge Triathlon. Pool based sprint triathlon in the UK
Sept. 3rd - Tri Rock Austin (formally Austin Tri) Olympic distance
Sept. 29th - Kerrville Triathlon Sprint distance (time to win!)
Sept. 30th - Kerrville Triathlon Half distance (because I need to)
Oct. 27th - Chosen Marathon, New Braunfels - my first marathon

then I'm thinking Ironman Cozumel on Nov. 25th or the HITS full distance race in Palm Springs on Dec. 2nd.

I'll make a decision on the long distance race after Trowbridge. I'm starting swimming next weekend and will report back.