Hello long stuff

Friday morning I cranked out my first 2km swim, it was with my moonlight swim date girl, Adri. Asides from being slow, I had no shoulder problems, I'm about 3-minutes off my recent 1500m time, which is fairly depressing but with my upcoming trip to the UK and hopefully at least bi-weekly swim sets with the Hot Chilli Triathlon club(1) I'll soon get some of that back.

I managed to crank out a long'ish run this morning, and with vacation coming up, again, I should be able to start the build to an October Marathon by switching to 10k pace runs, and 5k short hard interval sessions to build stamina and some speed. One of the things about running on town lake trail on a Saturday morning is the sheer number of people. The people are not the problem, it's when you get passed by someone and start looking at them and wondering... how are they running faster than me?

NewLogo24[1]According to the Hot Chillis web site, just 3-weeks to the Trowbridge Triathlon, this really is a reboot for me. My first 4 triathlons back in 1999/2000 were all pool based, this one is a 400m swim in a pool, 25km/15.5-mile bike and 5k run. Sandwiched in between the Womens Olympic Triathlon, the Olympic Soccer Semi-final and the Mens Olympic Triathlon, I'm not sure how fresh I'll be, but I'll be putting it on the line.

(1) The irony of going back to Trowbridge and being a member of the Hot Chilli triathlon club is not lost.
congrats & good luck
I totally get that about folks passin' you on the trail & wondering how on earth they are faster than you. There was this one guy who came to many of the same races I've done. Easily in his 70's w a pronounced r leg outswing. He literally made a "schwish" sound as he ran as his right foot caught extra pavement. Still, no matter how fast I was.. I never once beat the guy. More often than not, he would pass me around mile 2 & that would be the absolute last I'd see of him. Made me crazy!

Show Trowbridge how a real Hot Chili does it!!