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Hot chilli triathlon club & Trowbridge

I've had a great week of training with the Trowbridge based Hot Chilli triathlon club. I did 2 sessions with them back in January and when I got this trip booked, joined online.

Its been well worth it for this week alone. Friday early was a pool based swim with Coach Richard Smith, Richard bought along an Aquasphere wetsuit for me to borrow. Saturday I rode out of trowbridge with Mark and Kev. I had my 7 speed trek and we were headed for an openwater swim at some place called Vobster Quay, so we had backpacks with wetsuits and towels.

Vobster QuayThe Vobster diving quay was magic, clear and cool.. the're was a proper facility with hot showers and a small cafe. I did 3x Laps, and by the 3rd was not focussing well and getting tired, aka swimming with my eyes closed. After the swim it was social time chatting to Amanda and some of the dozens of triathletes present.

Then it was off back to Trowbridge, although it was more down than up, Kiev and Mark preceded to rip my legs off. Great ride.

Sunday, it was long run day; Monday day off, Tuesday I did a long ride, out to Wells then Radstock them back to Trowbridge. Wednesday, I went out to run the Trowbridge tri run course, it's not ideal for me s with more than half off road and mostly in a field. Hopefully it won't rain anymore.

Then Thursday it was a hot chilli tri club brick session over the trowbridge bike and run course. The hot chilli don't mess about and Richard showed up with transition racking for the brick. We went off in 2 groups, I went with the fast group, there were five of us, then four, then three and kept up as best I could, Richard and Kev did most of the pulling.

Racking in the gardenI like the bike course, it has a few gradients, but no real hills. Given we had transition racks I figured it was time for a full on transition, slipped my feet out of the shoes and executed perfectly, gone in 30-seconds. We ran a different was than I'd gone, a much bigger loop. I felt great and ran fairly strong, to be honest I'm starting to get excited about the race.

Friday it was back to pool practice and this time race pace. I'm still way off my best for endurance, but attacked the 400m from the start, getting through it in 7:42 - much quicker than my estimate. Richard was there doing timing and to set the drills but it was a pretty straight ford 400, 2x 200 4x 100 8x 50, after which I was done.

This morning I had just enough time to drive over to Vobster quay again and repeat 3x laps in a wetsuit.

A great training week and a great investment in a club. Must get back to getting Austin Triathletes restarted....
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