triman (triman) wrote,

tritraveller again

Some time back in 2002/3 when I was almost at the height of travelling with my bike, I was called the "Tri traveller" by someone, possibly Henry. I used it as a name on a few websites, but by 2005 when my marriage had gone down the toilet, and I'd settled back in the US, it seemed like a dumb idea, and an even more ridiculous monika.

Well, I'm back. The last five weeks has been nothing but travelling, missed connections, late arrivals. Next week it starts again, and I'm late in the office trying to organize travel for the second half of September, but I give up, it's 8pm. Admittedly two of the last 5-weeks were to, and for the Olympics and I had a blast, it was exhausting though. I also placed 2nd in my age group at the Trowbridge triathlon, pretty pleased. But since then my training, along with almost everything else in my personal life, like eating healthily, has gone down the tubes.

Monday I'm racing Olympic/International distance at the TriRock Austin race. It's my first Olympic distance race since I think 2008. I had it planned as part of my comeback from the broken collarbone, gradually increasing distance towards Ironman Cozumel. I'm not optimistic after spending this week in San Francisco with no training, followed on from a w/e where I run 9-miles Friday, biked 96-Saturday pm, biked 32-miles as hard as I could Sunday morning and then got on a plane Sunday afternoon.

My expectation, 3hours+ which is to say the least disappointing. Still, the Tritraveller is back only this time I'm not taking the bike, and there is no training. F*k.
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