Chosen Marathon PR!

I'm way behind on race reports, and as per a recent post, am still living the life, as the Tritraveller. I'm back on the road all the time trying to find time and places to train.

Chosen Marathon FinishWith just over 6-weeks to go before Ironman Cozumel I decided it was time to have a go at a marathon. Afterall, if I couldn't run one now, running one after cycling 112-miles would be impossible, and it would be a good reminder to my muscle memory what it was like to be out there a long time.

When I registered for the Chosen Marathon in Greune, Texas, I paid extra for VIP parking. This was a good idea as parking was all backed up and I arrived pretty much with only enough time to get ready and just as I was getting the final things together the gun went off and they were gone. I pushed my way through the half marathoners who were now at the start line, and started hoping they'd be able to get my start time. My real fear was that I started last, and thats where I'd finish, wasn't to be.

Within the first mile before we got out on River Road, I'd passed maybe 15-20 people, some who were already walking, but then we got totally enveloped by the half marathon which was using the same course. Once the fast people passed the course was busy enough to keep me focussed. Once we got past the turn around for the Half marathon, the course was suddenly empty.
For the longest Time I was chasing a woman who was maybe half a mile ahead, she was the only person I could see. I passed her around mile-8, then I could see a few more people ahead, I caught them about 12-miles and after the turn around at 13.1-miles I was maybe 25th from the back and for the next 5-miles I was on my own, spooky.

Eventually I got passed by a guy who then pulled up at the next aid station and started walking, so I repassed him. I passed a couple of other people and then the last 4-miles I was on my own again. The aid stations were still open and surprisingly enthusiastic, my speed had dropped and I was suffering on the rolling hills every time I put my left forefoot down on the down hills. I started walking. I finished off with a jog and coming around to the finish line threw the longsleeve shirt I'd worn at the start down by the car in VIP parking and finished in 5:06:39, an 11:42 mile pace. I was disappointed I hadn't got under 5-hours, but given I ran/jogged most of it, delighted to be finished.

As soon as I could, I stripped off my sock to look at my left foot, no blister?? Must have been some sort of pressure point and I'll have to see how this works out longer term. Next big race will be Ironman Cozumel, I'd like to think I'll be able to run half or more of the marathon at the end, we'll see.

By the numbers:
Time:  5:06:39.728
Pace: 11:42
Overall: 134/176 finishers
Age group: 16/19
Men overall: 79/93

Overall it was a good run, for an experienced marathon runner, a potentially fast course with only a few hills. Great aid station suport, although fairly minimal with ONLY water at most. The fulll results by age group are here.