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Austin Police Chief and Prosecutors need to rethink

So, compare this with this

This weekend in Austin two cyclists were struck by a car swerving to avoid a cardboard box in the road, "at this time no charges are being bought against the driver". Compare this with an on going court battle that started today in London, the driver of the car opened his car door without looking, causing the cyclist to swerve and be killed under the wheels of a bus. The driver is being prosecuted for manslaughter.

Until the Austin Police Chief, Texas Department of Public Safety and their relevant prosecutorial organizations completely rethink their attitude to these type of offenses, drivers are not going to rethink theirs.
I think though while you are right, its hard to tell what is negligence and whaqt is an accident is, rather than letting the police or DPS prosecutors make that call, is to hear it in a public court. Overtime the fear of this will change behavior from swerve to avoid the box, to run it over to avoid the cyclists.

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