triman (triman) wrote,

Stacy, you never forget your first love

I admit it, I went back to Stacy tonight. Wet, warm and waiting...

Having ended my Pure relationship, I spent a few weeks hanging out with Clay Madsen, and when I first signed up with this years Mystery coach, I figured I'd try for two training sessions per day, and try and get them both done in the morning, isn't going to happen. So I did my bike, trainer session this morning, and got over to Big Stacy pool around 6:20pm.

One of my earliest, and possibly first swims in Stacy is over here on Livejournal. 5th January, 2007. Just a few weeks later, I came my first breakup with Stacy and we've been on and off ever since. Reading back over some of those earlier entries, I have a very, very long road to go, I was swimming 27-minutes then, tonight took me just short of 42 for the same set.
Tags: stacy, swimming, training
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