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Austin Marathon 2013 recap

It's not an introspective race report; I thought I'd have a good race, hoped to set a PR in what will likely be my last (and only 2nd) full Marathon. Leading up to the race I'd done 2x 12-mile runs, 13-mile, 15-mile, 18-mile runs and while they were slow, they were mostly solid.

My only prior stand-alone marathon had been the Chosen Marathon, which I finished off not too much training, in 5:06:39, so expecting a sub 5-hour marathon should have been realistic. I was doing well until around mile-14; for a while I even thought I might negative split, that didn't last long. Around 22.5-miles, the wheels really came off the bus. I was simply too tired to run.

Surprisingly I didn't suffer too much pain from my knees, a combination of ibuprofen, and pain killers, along with forefoot strike worked pretty well. Disappointingly I eventually rounded the corner to the finish line on Congress and finished in 5:24:23

If you want to see the details, click these graphics for the mile by mile breakdown and a pace chart. At this point, there is a more than 50% chance I might have a go at the Chosen Marathon again this year as it fits my current race schedule.
marathon 2013 pace by mile
marathon 2013 pace chart

What is interesting from the data is my Max HR limit. The data was captured using a Garmin 310XT, so it shouldn't suffer too much from cross or interference, so I'm at a loss to explain how I ran over my max HR from mile-9 and until the finish. Thoughts?