triman (triman) wrote,

Todays lane lines: go 'til you puke

The Pure Austin Splash and Dash, by High Five events, is possibly the hardest race I ever do. The swim start is like a compressed Ironman mass start, something like 200 people crushed into a small start area, the men start first, followed in 3-minutes, by the women. You swim a lap as best you can, shoes on and run 3km as 3x loops as fast as you can.

Looking at my prior results, I last did this race 2-years ago in September, 2011. Based on my results then, I did OK today. In the end I hit 33:20. 9/11 I finished in 32:30, my all time PR for this event is 29:24, from August 2008. I was 61/134 overall, 44/73 men and using USAT 5-year age groups, was the only competitor :) Full split results are here.
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