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guadalupe drag king

My weekend totals are a bit different this w/e and my quads still feel wrecked. Friday evening I bashed out 2+ miles swimming at Pflugerville lake; Saturday morning it was a 12 mile run; then with the thunder and lightening,  things went a bit haywire.  Eventually I cranked out a 30 mile bike followed by another 2 mile swim.  I had expected to swim another loop at the quarry but got cramp in my toe.

After this mornings ride,  to get home in time to swim,  I headed back the fastest route.  For me that means Guadalupe to get through downtown.

Back in 2007 I took part in a sprint race on Guadalupe,  I've thought about trying to emulate many times,  but never tried.  Today was it.  I sat up at MLK and Guadalupe just as the light changes you start sprinting  if you start when the light is green,  by the time you get to the light on 18th, will have turned red and it's game over.

However,  by leaving just as the light is turning red at 24th/mlk you get a whole cycle to make it.  If you make that light,  the rest of the lights all the way to Caesar  Chavez are timed for 30mph cars,  during the week it's almost impossible,  but with an empty road this morning,  I made it through all 8 lights to Casey  Chavez.  I wonder if that's on Strava ?

Sounds like a worthy challenge
I did a ride yesterday morning and got soaked heading out past the south end of the airport.

I can't seem to find you on Strava.
Re: Sounds like a worthy challenge
Actually I'm not on Strava, it was a cheap shot...

It's a fun sprint to have a go at, when I get back from my "ironman" and going to maybe set up an early Sunday group to try it... it takes totally explosive speed until you get to the library, after that its pretty easy when you are heading down hill but you have to keep to speed or you won't make the 4th then 2nd st lights.

Yeah, I could make up my mind what to do about the Jack and Adams Shop ride, in the end I was glad I called it at 7:30...