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Todays lane Lines: It's a wash

We did a 46er this morning for Erins' birthday, starting with 46-mins in the pool at the Twin Creeks Country Club. They'd taken out all the lane ropes ready for the July 4th Party. Six of us doing assorted reps over 46-mins, or 46x50m, the water was surprisingly rough. Who knew.

Cycling Austin, TX 7-4-2013, SpeedAfter that we rode out to Parmer, Ronald Reagan Blvd and when we'd done 23-miles head back to make 46. Heading out on Parmer/Reagan, a route I've done a ton of times this year, I decided to hammer both the major downhills and see if I could hit 46MPH. I thought I got close, the data says otherwise. Still averaging over 20MPH for 46-miles not bad. We had to slow down a lot when we got back to Twin Creeks, we arrived right in the middle of the 4th of July parade. Woops.

1064545_10200996935022147_347569284_oAnd yes, since it was July 4th, I got out the 2001/2002 ITU one piece Team GB tri suit. Dumb idea on reflection, and not because I ended up the TCCC July 4th parade wearing a GB suit... It had no pockets and very little padding. ITU, short course to most people.

Afterwards we ran, the objective was 4.6-miles, however since there was a massive downhill, followed by the requisite uphill, I was just going to do the loop. The downhill was slow, the uphill was slower but then my legs kicked in and I had probably the best 5k run off the bike I've had for a long time. Shame I have to do a marathon off the bike in 9-days then. Overall a great way to start July 4th. Happy Birthday Erin, I won't tell anyone how old you are, if you don't.    
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