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Challenge Roth - Game on

So I've had a great build-up, everything has gone pretty much to plan. I had a minor left knee issue a week or so back but that seems to have cleared up. I've been getting a great training plan from Pro Triathlete Brandon Marsh, we agreed upfront that there would be very little feedback. Assume I was doing the sessions, if they were too hard or too easy I'd write, I'd write a summary weekly email.

For me, it's worked great. Brandon helped me plan around a couple of big work commitments, and I've done more training for this race than any other race. It's legend that Roth is a fast course and I can see why. The road surfaces are for the most part smooth tarmac/blacktop; the swim is in a canal/river that only has a slight bend and the width is pretty consistent, which pretty much means get in swim in a straight line, turnaround and come back. The run course is more complicated but still doesn't climb or drop more than 100ft for the whole 26-miles, which will be perfect with my wrecked knees.

About this time tomorrow I should be crossing the finish line, yes, almost exactly now I'd like to be finishing. There are supposed to be some 200,000 spectators on the course, about 10km out of Roth, you go through the beer mile on the bike, I kid you not and you go through twice. Packed with crowds drinking only the way Bavarians can.

In a weekly email to Brandon a while back, I worked out times and calories. This was based on testing, weighing, measuring etc. The numbers are astounding for calories, and for me, the time are a challenge, as it should be. Anyone thats followed this blog for most part of the last 10-years will know that for some races, I am the master of over expectation. Florida 70.3 was a classic case of over expectation, things really didn't go the way I wanted and in reality I hadn't done the training to get the result I wanted. IM Cozumel last year I didn't have high expectations, but even those were an overestimate compared to what happened. So here's what I'm shooting for this time, and I really do think I have a chance this time.

Start time: 7:50 Central Europe, 6:50 UK, 00:50 US Central
calories in store: 1,000
Swim time: 01:16; (achievable)
Bike time: 05:53; calories needed: 6,000 (could be quite a bit faster, but need to go steady)
Run time: 05:40; calories needed: 6,000  (given my standalone marathon times are 5:05 and 5:20, this is optimistic)
T1 + T2 time: 00:10 (must be quicker than other iron distance races)
Total race time: 13:00: calories needed: 13,000

My splits should get directly posted to facebook. There will be some live coverage on and they are already streaming the finish line. More importantly they will have live video for Solar Berg (Solar mountain as teh web site calls it), if I had to give one reason why I came to do this race, it was this hill. Watch in if you can, we go through twice.

Thats it from me, game on.
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