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BTA LogoUnike yesterdays fun/fantasy post on the Church synod and Papal elections, today things are a little more serious. Since its been the subject of much discussion this year, I thought it worth posting a few key dates and activities that need to be considered for the upcoming British Triathlon Annual General Meeting.

  1. Resoultion of Special Business - need to be submitted no later than 4.00pm on Friday 5th November. They must be proposed and seconded by fully paid up members of the association. The category would contain both items, actions the membership might want the association to take and changes to the association itself. I suggest that any resultions that might be unfavourably looked on by the association are submitted well in advance, in case they do not meet the stringent submission rules. This would allow time to resubmit.
  2. Elections to the Executive Board - must also be received by the association on 4.00pm on November 5th

In both cases anyone considering submitting would be wise to send their resolutions/nominations by recorded/registered mail or to hand deliver them. e-mail and fax will not be accepted.

The AGM notice says that voting will be by postal ballot with voting papers distributed 28-days prior to the AGM. That means the papers will go out of BTA HQ no later than 15th November. Allowing 2-3 days for delivery, time to complete and return in plenty of time for the Tuesday 7th December cut-off, you should make sure your vote is posted no later than the 26th of November. If you feel strongly on any of the resolutions or votes, once again it is reccomended that you send it either registered or recorded delivery.

I'm left though slightly less inspired by this process. I've had a poke around on the BTA website, a look in the BTA handbook and I can't see anywhere where it says the resolutions and elections have to be handled by postal vote only. Nor can I find any discussion of any independent process to manage and audit postal votes.

Given the US Government and their State agencies have already made a pigs ear of the 2005 Presidential Election postal vote, what guarantees have we that the votes that arrive at BTA HQ will be counted? That they are from the members for whom they claim to represent? That they have not been tampered with? etc. etc.

Given the problems that USA Triathlon had this year with voting and the costly and embarrassing appeal and re-election I think we ought to know how the votes will be handled and what audit will be done since it is postal only.

I'm starting to think that the first resolution for this year ought to be one on the audting of the AGM postal votes. if such a clause or condition doesn't already exist in the association rules.

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