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Garmin refurb

If you are anything like me,  you'll spend a fortune on bikes, then race wheels and after that everything else is noise. Sure you spend a lot of money kit, it seems disproportionate to what it should have cost to make.

For me, among all the other things, my garmin is the next big thing. I have a forerunner 310xt and a 500 for my bike. I've busted both of them since I bought them. Then a couple of weeks back, before the Jack and Adams Sunday shop ride, my bike either fell over, or was knocked over. Turned out to be an expensive crash, even though I wasn't on the bike. Turned out my rear derailleur got bent, and as it hit the floor, my Garmin 500 broke off the mount and while it was still useable, you could no longer secure it to the bike.

I knew the drill, call garmin tech support, ask for an exchange. They issue an RMA, you send them your bust garmin they sent you back a refurbished unit. You won't get yours back fixed, so save your data before sending it away. Instead of paying $200 to $400 for a new one it's yours for less than $100.
Tags: equipment, garmin, garmin305
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