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Austin 70.3 Course Rides

It's that time of year when for the long course triathlete attention turns to the Ironman Austin 70.3. and Kerrville Triathlons, as well as to the Livestrong Challenge Austin ride.

Over the past 5-years, I've lead informal group rides on the Austin 70.3, nee Longhorn, bike course and will be doing that again this year, starting tomorrow, Saturday August 17th. The rides are unsupported, that is we don't provide ride leaders, or any kind of breakdown or aid stations during the ride. However, it helps to have someone who knows the way, I will again be riding the course with anyone that wants to ride along. The route is usually marked so you can ride without guides, but since this too is unofficial, we can't say for sure what the state will be this year.

I will be at the front entrance to Walter E Long park for a 7 a.m. wheels down, ride start on the following dates

  • August 17th

  • August 24th

  • August 31st

  • October 5th

  • October 12th

  • October 19th

The ride start time shifts based on the cloud cover and sunrise that day. But if you arrive for a 7a.m. start you'll be in good shape.

As in prior years, the plan is for the first couple of weeks to ride the course more like a group ride. It's expected to take anything from 3-hours 15-mins to 4-hours. August 31st will be a faster pace ride and then for the October rides, there will be a sub 2:45 group at 7a.m. and a 3hr+ group at 10a.m., more typically aimed at first timers.

I'll have some simple maps available at ride start time. Here is the mapmyride route, you can download or print. It will be hot, and there are NO available aid stops; no gas stations; no stores or anything until around mile-42 when you get back to Webberville. So you need to bring water, drinks, fuel as appropriate. You also need to make your own arrangements for breakdown cover and ensure you have basic tools, tubes etc. to handle simple problems.

Park outside the park entrance on the grass. Do not block the road. Remember entrance to the park is free on foot and that there are people living adjacent to the park entrance, please keep the noise down when arriving early. You must obey the prevailing traffic laws when riding the course, that especially means stopping at the stop sign where you turn right onto FM969/Webberville Rd. This is a sharp turn and you must STOP.

If you are doing the Austin Livestrong ride and are looking for a group to do longer rides with, these rides are one way and you could even consider doing both rides on October 5th and 12th.

Finally, if you want to run afterwards, you can. I'd discourage running along Decker Lake road on the tarmac, two cars passing car be problematical. You can run into the park for free, the park has bathrooms but if you take your car in, you have to pay even if there is no one there when you arrive early!
park fee
I think the park charges $1:00 for walk in ( Run in )
Re: park fee
You may be right, I've only done it a couple of times and didn't pay when running in.
park fee
I always pay the $1 except if it's a race day when the park is essentially closed to the public.
It's the ride on August 24th Still on?
We are a group of friends from San Antonio who will be doing this event and we are planning to tag along on this ride on August 24th. Its the ride still on for this weekend?

We'll see you there.

Re: It's the ride on August 24th Still on?
We'll be there Sat 24th 7:00am.