Welcome to 2014

I've made a mess of updating livejournal with my 2013 race and training details, mostly after Challenge Roth in July didn't go how I wanted. It was still my 2nd fastest ironman distance race, but I wanted it to be my fastest (and at least for the foreseeable future, it will be my last). I'll get back and write up retrospective sometime this month and post on my other races.

This year I'm focusing on short course racing, speed doesn't come free, and short course requires speed, so I have my work cut out. My knees continue to deteriorate, my right knee constantly aches behind the knee. It's now almost 5-years since I saw Dr Doug Elenz at Austin Sport Medicine, and he said this one was done. The left knee, that Elenz said would be done in 6-months to a year has been getting more a more painful through 2013. I have a burning feeling almost constantly on the outside of the lower left of the knee. Both knees stiffen significantly when sitting for any length of time.

However, I've been doing considerable amounts of stretching since my last triathlon in 2013, as well as working with a foam roller and things are marginally better than they were mid-year. Yesterday I did what I'm going to use for my benchmark run this year. I didn't have a charged Garmin, so working on just time and HR, I was 48:21. and Avg HR of 138. I'll monitor progress on this through out the year, doing at least one tempo run per month.

I've entered my first race of the year, the Paramount Breg-a-leg 5k on Feb 16th. It's part of the Austin Marathon race w/e. This will give me some idea where I am compared to my 5K PR of 24:08 back in 2008. My most recent timed 5k was back in 2010 where my time was 25:44.
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Good to see you're still active Mark. Those knees sound real bad though; you're going to suffer when you're "older" ... but heck, enjoy the moment, eh?! This year I hope to do my first duathlon, a tiddler at 6k-10k-3k, but a start ... let's hope I do very well or very badly, then I'll surely do more! Trev B, Madrid, Spain.
Re: 2014
Good to hear from you Trevor, yep, I'll be back at it. A few decisions to make about races, and by September I'll be doing a half iron distance triathlon. Any big rides for you this year?