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Triathlon Business International Conference 2014

My rule for re-posting blog comments is about 24-hours. Often I find that through neglect, and sometimes because the author doesn't like the comment, comments sit unapproved on trashed, rather than published. Shannon Fleck has a good summary of some of the highlights from the conference, Active Endurance "Top 10 Moments of Triathlon Business International Conference". and I felt some commentary would be useful.

After Travis Tygart of USADA's great keynote on the general state of drugs in sport, and obviously commentary on the whole Lance Armstrong affair. The conference came alight Monday night after the awards, when the "voice of Ironman" and Senior Executive at, Mike Reilly announced that the conference would be using it's "Hot Topics and General Business" session on Tuesday for a one on one with Lance Armstrong. I like a number of other people had heard Lance was going to make an unscheduled appearance, through either twitter or txt msg.

I'd sat next to Dana Willett, from Boulders' 303Triathlon at dinner and already mentioned the possibility. After Reillys announcement, she wrote it up here, along with what happened next morning.

I'm with Tygart though, and a number of other current and former professional triathletes, who reached out to me overnight, it's not clear what Armstrong could add. There is also a significant body that believes it's time to stop giving Lance the oxygen of publicity as well.

Which leads to the comment I posted in the active endurance blog yesterday which remains "awaiting moderation".

I didn’t understand the flap about Lance appearance. The only things left that we don’t know is who are the race organizers, and sports administrators that either knew and turned a blind eye, or worse, worked with him to conceal and cover-up what was going on.

If there are such people, then would it have been advisable to use the TBI Conference to out them? At what point and what expense to members and to the sport? While it might have added some publicity to the event, I can’t see this would have been a good outcome.

If Lance had such information, then it would behoove him to use this information to improve the sport and help WADA/USADA clean house, and the TBI Conference really wasn’t the vehicle to suddenly out them.

Tygarts session was good, he was a captivating speaker, covered the topic and issues well. If the TBI Conference was going to dedicate time to a follow-up, it would been better to use it to discuss and plan ACTUAL actions the organization and it’s members could take to ensure triathlon was a clean sport.
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