triman (triman) wrote,

USAT Rankings 2014

If these were my high school reports, they'd be pretty much the same. "Can do better. When Mark focuses and works on his assignments, he does a great job.".

The USAT 2013 National rankings are done. In the Texas Men, 55-59, I came 54th. In my defence, I'd just like to point out that Texas is for the most part bigger than Germany, and has over twice the number of people than Great Britain. So, 54th is OK, could do better though. Secondly, I only raced in three qualifying races, Republic of Texas Half, Jack's Generic Sprint, Kerville Sprint.

Three of my local, central Texas rivals, finished ahead of me. Lane Carnes(16th), Reyes Lopez(18th), Gary Osborn(20th), David Sing(24th), Thomas Meade(45th) and Rick Margiotta(50th). I don't recall ever racing against Margiotta, who was formally one of the organizers of the CapTex Triathlon, and I beat Meade in 2013 at Jacks Generic sprint triathlon. Lopez and Sing will be aging up to the 60-64 age group this year, and of course there will likely faster guys coming into my age group.

My focus is on the Texas Tri Series, it will be the first time I've tried to complete the series since the first year it ran, and if I can stay injury free, my plan to go for the win. This should bump me up in the rankings, the [PDF] 2013 Texas Tri series winner was Gary Osborn, so I have my work cut out.
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