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TBI and Lance

the Triathlon Business International twitter account tweeted "@LanceArmstrong Snubs #Triathlon Industry – Exclusive Video …"

Now, I can't much get my head around this, although I am a member, one of the original individuals members going back to their formation as Triathlon America in 2010. I've been to all four US Conferences, and partially attended the International conference in London last year during the ITU World Finals, I'm not one of their insiders.

You can read my remarks here, here and here about some of this years sessions, and an interesting series of write-ups I did for the website while at the 2nd Triathlon America conference, where WTC CEO Andrew Messick spoke, calling Armstrongs return to triathlon "the elephant in the room".

Once the conference brewhaha over Lance Armstrongs potential appearance and rebuttal of USADA boss Travis Tygart was over, I thought things would die down. Apparently not based on the TBI tweet, and a scathing analysis by the folks over Endurance Films. Endurance Films are a big contributor to the TBI Conference, providing both videos for use at the conference, and filming various aspects of it. Their blog though has only marginally more content than this one, and so the "Armstrong Snubs" blog was both unusual in terms of content, and once I watched the video interview with TBI President Jack Carress, I was left confused. I left a comment on their blog, which they published. Here it is as well.

"Mark Cathcart

Interesting perspective. If TBI really wanted to hear from Lance they should offered him a platform when he approached them months ago, as Jack pointed out, and setup an interview.

It's not entirely clear to me letting Lance come would have served any useful purpose at all if you think what Tygart said was accurate.

There are a number of aspects on doping in cycling, and Lance Armstrong that are far from over. Who knew what when in the race and event industry, did they turn a blind eye to what was going on, or worse did they help cover it up? If Lance had shown up and named a bunch of names... potentially even people associated with TBI, how smart would that have looked?

Think no one else, ever, knew anything? Don't think there was anything anyone could have done as Lance hadn't failed tests? Don't think this is what Cookson is after now?

Everyone loves a comeback? Yeah... especially if they can make money off it. How do you think a Lance comeback would effect the rest of the pro athletes? Think they want to be branded in the same class? The vast majority are working incredibly hard, long hours, as totally clean athletes, with little chance of making clean, what Lance made just in one race dirty. Think they want to be tagged with the same questions if they beat Lance?

Sure Macca wants to race Lance, no disrespect, as great as he is, he has nothing to lose and a huge potential payday if it happened. The same could be said for the WTC, nothing to lose, except what if Lance had shown up and won at Kona? Fair, of course not. Not matter how you look at Lance, what you think of him, he had years of the best training, the best medical, and the best financial circumstances to support his training. Unlike say the Pro's who go to WTC races, have to scrounge around for beds, can't take private jets to races, are dependent on sponsors for handouts etc.

Sadly as Jack Caress says there is a still a lot of interest in Lance, almost all of it from old white guys. Talk to the younger generations, they are not over Lance, they were never into him in the first place. They pretty much dismiss him in the same breath as other cheats in cycling and other sports.

Sorry, I think the WTC and TBI had everything to lose if Lance had spoken, and apart from one more great payday and some class-A publicity. To qoute Tygart, we can get everything we need from other sources. Time to move on past the Lance Armstrong affair and build the best triathlon pro's into the next generation of heroes, not dwell on the past.

Mark Cathcart, TBI Member and Conference Attendee"

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