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Drugs in Sport(Triathlon)

As per my earlier journal entries on the TBI Conference, here on Tygarts keynote; here with a copy of my blog comment on active Endurance blog post; here on the post Endurance films rant over Lance not attending; and so it was interesting yesterday to see WTC CEO Andrew Messicks interview with Triathlete Europe where he seems to completely downplay his role in cycling and busting the whole drugs issue, and also some interesting comments late in the interview about Professional Cyclists moving to Triathlon.

I'd had a few emails and questions about watching the sessions from the TBI Conference, I've looked around and the videos are NOT available either through Endurance films website, or the Vimeo account. They do have a summary video on youtube. I have a few audio recordings, sadly I wasn't ready to record during Tygarts keynote, but started during the Q&A.

Endurance Films Tygart summary view from TBI

Tygart Q&A at TBI

Panel Drugs in sport part 1 at TBI

Panel Drugs in Sport part 2 at TBI

So with the triathlon season just starting downunder with the start of the ITU races, this doesn't seem to be going away as an issue for triathlon. It isn't going away in Cycling either, USA Cycling head, Steve Johnson is now under pressure, and Tygart spoke again this week in the UK.
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