Annual Bike picture

It's become a ritual, the week before my first race, I make sure my race bike is ready, lubed, set-up etc. and then take a picture. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011

I had planned on using my Guru road bike for the Rookie triathlon next weekend, I'd have put some faster wheels on it. After a protracted FB discussion with Jack (aeroweenie) Mott, I decided to prep the tri bike.

I've only done a few races at Decker Lake/Walter E. Long Park, and did the Couples Triathlon back in 2010 on my road bike, and it was my slowest race bike time at Decker. Coincidence? Maybe... I even noted at the time, "Slower than I expected". So, tri bike it is.

Here is BR2, 2014 Config. [Click for larger pictures]

New for 2014

Shimano Di2 Eletronic shifters
Specialized Sitero Saddle
New Zipp wheel decals
Personalized name decals on top tube
Removed aero bottle holder between aero bars
Fuelbelt "bento box"

Strangely, the bike segment of the Rookie is only 11-miles, I'm so totally going to feel a fraud using a serious long distance tri bike. Still, if Jack is right, it will be worth 1-minutes 30-seconds.
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