Silicon Labs Sunshine 5k

My running training with Erik Stanley/Trail Roots has been going well. Most weeks for the last 12-weeks we've been doing 1:1 Monday, Thursday sessions, with a long run alone on Saturday. This week we skipped Thursday session so I had a chance to recover.

Angela came to the house and we jogged down together to the start. We met up with Tammy and Jenny, I did my warm up drills and before we knew it, it was time to start. I started as near to the front as I could, to avoid starting out too fast trying to dodge people. Sadly this didn't work, I still went out to fast. Starting back towards the 2-mile mark I was starting to tire, back across the bridge I put on as much as a sprint as I could, it wasn't enough for a PR though.

It was my best 5k time since I set my PR on almost the same route, back in November 2008, which was before I switched to long course triathlon.

TIME: 24:48.63, 44-seconds slower than PR.
SPLITS: 7:26, 8:10, 8:27. Average HR 154 Max HR 166
OVERALL: 72/328

Totally pumped, good result, will definitely be looking for a timed 5k in about 10-weeks and having another go at a PR.

Silicon Labs 5k 55-59

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CONGRATS!! Keep up all the hard work.