I'd not run a 10k of any sort since this race a year before. I didn't do any Olympic distance triathlons either. I came to CAP10K pretty tired after a hard block of run training, I didn't have high expectations for a fast time.

CAP10K is a huge race, it starts over on Congress bridge in Austin, runs up to and around the Capital building, and has a couple of short sharp hills, and two longer uphills, so it's not intrinsically a fast course.

My PR is also at CAP10k 2011, 53:43. So I had everychance. Angela came to race with me, we jogged down to the start, which was packed. I managed to get through the crowds to a point where I could see Logan aka Big Mouth Announcing, as always I was then introduced as the "International Superstar".

Before I knew it we were off, I went out hard to get away from the crowd, I definitely thought I was doing better on the hills than previously and at 5K I was about the same time as many recent 5k races times. I pushed on but once we got around the back of the Austin High athletic field, I was getting tired and felt a cramp or strain coming on in my left thigh.

Here is my pace chart and this demonstrates pretty much the problem.
cap10k pace
cap10k course

Although I finished strong, I lost too much time in mile 5 and mile 6 to get a PR. I finished in 56:27 almost 3-mins slower than my PR, faster than 2013, but slower than 2011 or 2012.

TIME: 56:27
SPLITS: 8:37, 8:58, 9:05, 8:47, 9:10, 9:19, 2:31 Average HR 148, Max HR 176
AGE GROUP: 85th/371
OVERALL: Gender 1885/5575, Overall 2540/11991

So a pretty good result. Here is a picture of me by the High School field, one of my low points. My coach, Erik Stanley was 4th overall and finished in 30:56. Asides from the fact that I have to do the 10k distance twice in Texas Tri series races, I want to push on for a PR in the IBM Uptown 10K later this year, if not before.


and finally, here are my 10k race results, presented from


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