P is for Pflugerville, Puncture and another Puncture

In keeping with my re-invigorated triathlon reports, here is my race report from todays Jacks Generic Triathlon. I had to finished the intermediate distance to continue in the Textas Tri series, at one point today, this was seriously in doubt.

1407166940013-2014-JacksGeneric-099[1]It was a time trial start, which again meat settling into the swim pretty quickly, although by the 2nd lap, the course was packed with the sprint race and the women from the Intermediate. I was a bit slower than I expected, but a reasonable 22:15 for the 2x lap, 1000m.

I always have a quick transition at Pville, and today was no exception, I was out in 1:30. I had my feet in the shoes and pushing on before the first turn. I settled in well and was cranking out 22MPH+ Just before the left turn on Engleman, my front tire blew out.

Fullscreen capture 832014 93205 PMConveniently there was a volunteer truck on the corner, I was off the bike and had the wheel off, the tube replaced and CO2, in abut 3-mins. Psssssstttt. It went straight back down. I took the tube out and it had a big hole right by the valve. I stripped the tube and went for the other one. No CO2... No Pump...

I stood there frustrated, sorted through my stuff again, nope, no 2nd CO2. I briefly considered running back, it was 4-miles. I considered maybe running the 2nd loop, why? I stood there wheel in hand, desperate, my tri series was over. A woman not racing came from the left, riding a commuter bike, I shouted "Pump? > She rode by, turned and came back, she had CO2. I gassed the tube, while going through it I told her how she could get a replacement and thanked her again and rode off.

I checked my Garmin data tonight, I wasted 10-mins in total. I set off as fast as I could, I started picking off people, passed at least two from my age group including Ralph. The 2nd lap went well, but I knew I was behind because I was mostly passing women. Dismount done, and after a false start leaving transition from the wrong exit.

It took me a full 2-miles before it really felt like I was running, I managed to run except the aid stations, and into the 2nd lap. I started to remember how hard a half was going to be that was essentially double distance of todays race. I turned the last corner and got passed by a guy in my age group, because of the Time Trial start it was hard to know if he was ahead or behind me, I tried to catch him, but no beuno.


Swim, 1000m: 22:15, 4/7, 93/275
T1: 1:30 1/7
Bike, 25.8 Miles: 1:27:54, 4/7, 182/275
T2: 1:23 3/7
Run, 6-miles: 1:02:57, 6/7, 213/275
Total:  2:56:01 5/7, 135/168, 186/275