triman (triman) wrote,

Lightweight components - Not so much

I've long been a grumpy old man when it come to the endless march to lightweight, thin components for bikes. I can often be heard to say "if I wanted to save the weight, I'd just skip breakfast".

This was especially true when it came to picking the frame for BR2, people were surprised I didn't go for a modern style carbon rocket. Early on I broke two 2008 Alpha-Q lightweight carbon steerer tubes carbon forks on BR2. Then this year has compounded my belief. Here is what I've broken this year, without crashing on Little Red, my 4-year old Guru Praemio.

  • Two Zipp101 rear hubs made of alloy

  • 2009 Ultegra shifters, the left shifter had been malfunctioning for a year or so, then a couple of weeks back the right shifter just didn't.

I got the bike back with a new Ultegra shifters, put my winter wheel set on the bike as my new wheel build to replace the 101 wasn't ready, got on the bike to ride to the shop ride start and this happened.... Yep, gotta love lightweight components.

Tags: bikes, cycling, guru, little red, zipp
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