New and best shoe build-up so far

New ShoesI got my latest shoe build-up from Independence Prosthetics and Orthotics this week, and this time Mark has really done an amazing job, the shoe is almost a work of art. It's using the same K-Swiss Mens K-Ona S in size-12 that I'm currently running with but an ounce lighter than the current one and the finish is really first class.

I've not run in it yet, and as much as I'm tempted to use it for Mondays Tri-Rock Austin race, I won't. I'll put some more mileage into my current shoes before switching them to training only and use the new pair for racing.

The built-up shoe weighs in at 1lb 1oz, or 482 grams, which 6 ounces heavier than the original and left shoe. That's truly amazing from the original, stiff, build-up that Hangar did, and the progression from the Bill Stone, Paul Carrozza shoes, and the Wongstar designs.
P8284983Of course, the problem I have now is that the K-Swiss K-Ona shoes originally debuted in 2009 and are no longer available. I've searched online pretty much everywhere, including many foreign language websites and can't find a Mens Size-12 anywhere. So that means it's back to the drawing board for shoes.

Unless you have a contact at K-Swiss who might have some ideas, or be willing to provide a shoe or shoes for Mark to experiment with?
Mark, you are so welcome and it's a pleasure
To work with you in modifying your shoes for your
Personal needs. Also, Thank you very much for the shout
Out! Take care, Mark M. ~