triman (triman) wrote,

By the numbers

I had to fast this morning to get my biometric numbers done, as part of qualifying for next years $975 "Healthy Living" discount off my employer provide medical insurance.

My numbers came out pretty consistent with last year, my Diastolic Blood Pressure was up slightly, my weight down. After they collect the numbers, you are invited to talk to a health coach who takes you through steps that would help get better results.

My coach told me that I'd passed the numbers component of the discount, that my Diastolic number was higher than they'd like, she suggested that as little as three exercise sessions per week, for as little as 30-mins would get that number down.

I sighed and said that I'd be happy if I thought it would, and then listed last weeks work outs.

  • Monday raced Olympic distance triathlon(1500m/25-miles/10k)

  • Tuesday rest day

  • Wednesday easy swim 1000m

  • Thursday 4m trail run with coach

  • Friday Hard swim practice, 2000m

  • Friday Raced 3rd leg of Zilker Relays, 2.5miles

  • Saturday Massage

  • Sunday Raced 5k at PR ace

  • Sunday Ran 6.6 miles slow

I thanked her for her time, collected my result sheet and left before she told me to reduce the salt in my diet and drink less alcohol.

Total Cholesterol: 161, HDL 45, LDL 102, Triglycerides 74 - Ratio 3.58
Fasting Glucose: 90
Blood Pressure: 120/88
Weight(Dressed): 205.4
BMI: 27.8
Waist: 35.25
Body Fat: 23.8
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