triman (triman) wrote,

Ironman and the Shark

“Those stupid 13.1 stickers, 26.2 stickers, 70.3. That f**ing M-dot tattoo. They’re missing the point.”

In my post about race entries I said Ironman had "jumped the shark" a reference to the over commercialization of distance races. I couldn't put my finger on the difference between distance racing in the USA, this gets it for me. We used to do random distances, the course was the course, not a distance.

from the article "People shouldn’t be doing flat loops around warehouses in Anytown, Bumblef**k just to rack up 140.6 miles in a day, he said (or something to that effect). They should be running endurance events for the experience—for the unique way they take advantage of their natural surroundings."

That so summed up my feeling about the run at Ironman Arizona. While Ironman Cozumel was a great course, I was just doing it for the distance. Maybe it was me?
Tags: ironman, races, triathlon
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