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Shoulder freedom

Since early last year I've been suffering from regular tightness in my right shoulder blade, and the feeling of a dead-arm in the top-quartile of my right arm, almost always while cycling. A run or even a swim would ease it off, staying off the bike for a few days, which often became quite a few days this year would see it vanish.

Earlier this month I went for a 65-mile ride around Boulder. I rode on my trusty Cannondale, which has a completely different saddle, bar and seat post geometry from BR2, my tri-bike. By the end of the ride it was excruciatingly painful.

I was fortunate enough to be able to get and see Austin Bodyworker Founder, and owner, Kate Ripley(*1), who is currently busy getting the new Boulder Bodyworker set-up. I got a daily appointment at 9am wth Kate and she worked away on my shoulder and neck. It was at sometimes painful, other times relaxing, but always deep tissue work.

Kate showed me a before picture that showed me lying on the table, my right shoulder was unintentionally off the table and much more rounded than the left. Back in 2011, I separated my right AC Joint, and dislocated the SC joint; In 2012, I crashed after going back to ride Amy Chow back to the group in a big ride, breaking the collarbone on the same shoulder, so its not surprising that I've ad problems with it.

After the third session, my shoulder and surrounding muscles and tendons felt tender. Thursday evening, while undressing, there was a loud crack and my whole shoulder suddenly felt at ease. During Saturdays race(more to come) the shoulder behaved, and after SUndays shop ride, although feeling tight, it's actualy pretty good.

Lesson of the story, don't put off and injury or ache, there i almost certainly a solution waiting. See a good therapist or chiropractor.

(1) Yes, I'm dating Kate... but I'm still trying to be as objective as possible.
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