triman (triman) wrote,

little red 1.5 rebuild

after a season of component failures,  I've finally got LR back from some extensive work by master mechanic James Ballentine at Jack and Adams.

Failures this year were rear shifter, the rear Zipp 101 hub and then finally, the seat post snapped off and was a bear to remove.  I've had two Zipp 101 hub failures,  I was offered a cheap Zipp wheelset replacement,  but declined them.

The rebuild included a new Shimano Dura Ace shifters,  a Paul polished seat post,  and a custom wheelset consisting of polished Velocity A23 rims,  and White Industries T11 hubs.

I've done nearly 4000 miles on the bike since I had it built,  so not bad for lightweight components.

Tags: bikes, cycling, guru, jack and adams, little red, lr
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