triman (triman) wrote,

Ironman Woodlands uncertain future?

Ironman Woodlands aka Ironman Texas is the big focus money and points event for pro's in 2015,  it will likely attract more people,  more spectators and I'm sure the WTC are hoping,  more media coverage.

It is interesting to note then,  that the hosting of the race and the local disruption and economic impact are so serious it was one of the questions put to candidates in a recent debate

The question put to the Position 3 candidates for the Woodlands Township Board of Directors  was:

"Given the community’s divided position regarding The Woodlands hosting the Ironman triathlon, what would your stance be when the item comes up for contract renewal again in five years? And, meanwhile, if you think the Ironman triathlon is ultimately an asset to the community, how would you communicate this message to the public? If you think, ultimately, it is not an asset, how would you communicate this message to the public and how would you campaign to abandon this contract in the future?"

As always,  the politicos did their best not to answer the question,  to avoid being seen to commit either way,  so as not to suffer the fallout. You can read their responses here, the most interesting is that it's that controvertial.

Tags: ironman, triathlon, woodlands, wtc
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