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[and finally...] HITS Austin Duathlon

Yesterday was my last race of the year. It's been a long year, I've raced 18 running and triathlon races this year, and trained for the run with Erik Stanley like I never have before, ever.

And so yesterday it was the HITS Running Festival over at the Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 track (COTA). Interestingly they had a duathlon to close out the festival, it started at 2pm, #cozwhynot. I won my age group at the last duathlon I raced, the last Austin Duathletes Bizarro duathlon.

I got Lee Buckley to enter and after a lot of messing around with my race wheels, that I abandoned and went with the Mavics, I arrived late and met Lee, put my bike together walked over to transition which was right in the F1 start area, racked bikes and as they announced transition was closing, removed my t-shirt an jeans, picked up my race belt and number, Garmin and hat and walked over a listened to the race briefing, while finishing getting ready.

It was pretty straight forward run straight up the hill at the end of the home straight, turn and run 1-mile to the turn around, run back, into T1, back out onto the course, 3-laps of the circuit and into T2, run shoes on and repeat the run. Giving a 2-mile run, 10-mile bike, 2-mile run.

20141215_082318I started pretty well made it up the hill and around the run pretty well; up the hill on the bike and to the far turn on the course was pretty good, and then into the wind, the other 2-miles on the bike back to the start line was hard going in the wind. I must admit, going all the way back to 2006[see this video of me racing in Montreal on their F1 track that year]. I do love racing on car racing tracks, you really get to exploit bike handling skills. This video has a loop of the course for a ride I did up at the track a couple of years ago.

Soon enough the 3-bike laps were up, a quick transition and I was heading up the hill again. Only this time it was much harder and I was reduced to a walk for the last 50ft, down towards the turn around and back. I'd underestimated how hard the run back up the hill would be, was passed by my age group nemesis, Gary Osborne, who was maybe 2/3 of a mile ahead, I pushed on and hammered down the last hill.

Liz Kreutz was taking photographs of the race, I'm sure she'll have a few great ones. Congrats to Gary for winning our age group, I got 2nd, off not a lot of recent bike training, but was well beaten.

The official results didn't include splits, but here are the age group and stats I took from their results. I didn't look at my Garmin yet for splits.
HITS AG 55-59 Results
After that, I was 68th out of 171 overall. My time was good enough to have won the 60-64 age group; placed 5th in the 50-54 age group and 10th in the 45-49 age group. So although a small field, and my lack of recent training, I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Congratulations to Mark Wilson and the HITS team. It was a fun race, well organized, simple yet hard.

Here are some amateur pictures behind
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