Cooke, The Guardian and the problems at the UCI

cooke guardianOver the past few days I've had a couple of heated arguments with people about drugs in sport, one even went so far as to hint, or maybe I was just too tired, that even I "must have taken something" while training for Ironman because thats "not normal".

That I'm sure was prompted by Mondays article in the Guardian, claiming that ‘Middle-aged businessmen are winning amateur cycling races on EPO’. There are lots of news reports on the CIRC report, a few of them a good insight into the culture and organization. This response by former female Pro Cyclist Nicole Cooke, is though by far the best.

For the record, I've never knowingly taken, injected or otherwise done any drugs. For the most part you can tell thats the case by looking at my results, especially long distance. The subject of age group cheating, especially men in the later age groups is a serious one though, but not one to be rushed into. I've voiced my objections many times, and guess it's something I need to write long-form to explain.

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